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  • Who is PD Magic for?
    The short answer is...any and all educators. Seriously, we welcome everyone, whether you are from K-12 school districts, first year or veteran teachers, charter schools, district departments, school leaders, media specialists, school counselors, specialized program coordinators…just to name a few. It doesn't matter your subject matter expertise either. We work hard to personalize the experience and connect the dots back to YOU, whether it's relating to math, art, language, STEAM, or whatever your superpower happens to be. Dr. Howie, Ryan, and Brian are long-time, accomplished educators who have spent years delivering keynotes, workshops, and other professional development offerings, and they are EXPERTS at making connections from the most magical place on Earth straight to your classroom or district. They recognize that every person in the education profession brings value and perspective to the conversation and learning, and they look forward to learning from you as well!
  • Information about hotel rooms, Disney tickets, and other expenses to plan for!
    Registration does NOT include travel to and from the conference, Disney park admission, lodging, and SOME meals. Here is a breakdown to help you plan and estimate. Please note that prices are accurate as of mid March, 2024, but are subject to change. Please verify before submitting your budgets for approval.
  • How do I convince my leadership that this isn't just a fun Disney Trip?
    Fair question and one we get a lot. Hopefully, if you direct them to our web site, the information, including the agenda and other information, will take care of that. However, if this is not sufficient or you would like help in drafting a justification, please reach out to us through our contact page and we will be happy to help!
  • My school or district wants to issue a Purchase Order for payment. Can you accept those?
    YES! While we prefer payment through the web site, we ARE set up to accept purchase orders if needed. Please reach out through our contact form if you are going to use a purchase order and we can give you all of the necessary information to process that!
  • Can I get credit for CEUs?
    Yes! We will provide a Certificate Of Completion which reflects the total number of Contact Hours completed. At a minimum, this will reflect the hours for attending the conference sessions at the hotel and the activities within the theme parks, with the potential to earn additional hours depending on the number of optional exercises you complete.
  • What exactly does "Family Friendly" mean?
    We understand that many educators would love to bring their family, spouses, or partners to Disney while they are here for the conference--and we encourage you to do so! While they are NOT permitted to attend the moderated conference sessions and activities in the hotel or the parks, PD Magic is being designed to maximize the hard work with the serious fun you would expect at an event like this. To that end, here is how we are doing that: We have created an agenda that will have you wrapping up in the early afternoon on most days, allowing you to catch up with family or significant others in plenty of time to enjoy the parks, Disney Springs, resort activities, fireworks...basically all the magic that Disney has to offer! All of the optional activities are being created as fun activities that the entire family or significant others can enjoy and help participate in. So while you get the CEU hours and continue to connect the dots back to your classroom or district, all they'll know is that they are having fun! We are happy to help arrange special meet-and-greets with Imagineers, Disney authors, or other guest speakers as their schedule allows. Just ask and we will be glad to see what we can do to add some extra pixie dust to your Disney trip. Have other ideas on how we can make PD Magic family friendly? Send us your thoughts !
  • Why is the conference so small-only 20 participants?
    While we realize that we could make a lot more money as conference organizers growing PD Magic into a large event, it really isn't about the money. It's about delivering a unique, exclusive, boutique professional development experience that our attendees will benefit from the most. Through trial-and-error, we found that 20 participants is the magic number. (Pun intended.)
  • Can I write this trip to Disney off on my taxes?
    The short answer is most likely you can! However...we can not legally say one way or the other, as we are not tax experts and we advice you to get professional advice should you want to consider this. That said, given this is a professional development event, you might be able to claim many of your expenses such as your Disney park tickets and admission, meals, travel, and lodging. This, in turn, would help you recoup much of the costs for this training conference. Before you do this, however, always get advice from a tax professional! Here are some articles that might be helpful as well:
  • I attended the Edmagineering Education conference in 2023. Is this the same thing?
    Kind of, but not really... The Edmagineering Education Conference in 2023 was a wonderful event and got rave reviews. We learned a lot from it and together, Brian, Ryan, and Dr. Howie thought that by rebranding the conference as PD Magic (which it was known as in prior years) powered by Edmagineering Education, and taking it back to it's original roots as a more family-friendly educators-focused experience, would provide attendees with the best of both worlds! To that end, we have created the Edmagineering Education website which serves as THE online hub for educators, providing not only our conference information, but a one-stop portal to all things Disney-education related. From our home page, you can easily navigate to information about PD Magic, our large and still growing Face Book group (Educators Who Love Disney), Howie and Ryan's podcast, and a variety of books, lessons, and other resources created just for you. We're thrilled about the future and hope you are too!
  • I'm interested in being a sponsor (or know someone who might be...)
    We would LOVE to connect with potential sponsors and feel that even though the conference is small, there is a LOT of benefit in affiliating with us and our attendees...we have several ideas on how we could include your company's presence at PD Magic and are open to your ideas too! Please visit our Contact Page to reach out and discuss.


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