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Why a Lower Price?

A fair question! In order to ensure that we were going to meet the minimum number of registrants needed to move forward with the conference, we realized we needed to reduce the cost and make the conference a little more affordable, but without sacrificing quality. How did we do that?

In the early years of offering PD Magic, Brian, Howie, and Ryan offered a conference that focused on great activities and took place exclusively within the theme parks. They were very popular and worked out well, so, with that in mind, we decided to go back to our roots, but also enhancing the park exercises and experiences, which allowed us to eliminate one full day of the on-site seminars within the hotel. Thus, PD Magic Lite was born!

We think this is the best of both worlds--a meaningful, facilitated, and personalized experience for educators at a great price point...and still in the most Magical Place in the World...Walt Disney World!

We hope you like our enhanced format and hope to see you there!

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